For step-by-step guides for people who think they or a loved one may need treatment, visit:

To find an Addiction Recovery Program support group for family members, go to or below is a list of anonymous 12 step programs as well.

Al-Anon/Alateen –
Adult Children of Alcoholics –
Nar-Anon –
Families Anonymous –
Parents Anonymous –
Co-Anon ?Cocaine Anonymous –
Co-Dependents Anonymous –

For those suffering with addiction, until your in a treatment program, below is many of the anonymous 12 step programs with most offering meetings on a daily basis.

Alcoholics Anonymous –
Narcotics Anonymous –

Other Anonymous Fellowships:

Cocaine Anonymous –
Gamblers Anonymous –
Dual Recovery Anonymous –

Emotional Health Anonymous – Emotional Health Anonymous:

Debtors Anonymous –
Nicotine Anonymous –
All Addictions Anonymous –
Chemically Dependent Anonymous –
Crystal Meth Anonymous –
Dual Diagnosis Anonymous –
Heroin Anonymous –
Marijuana Anonymous –
Methadone Anonymous –
Pills Anonymous –
Prescription Anonymous –
Recoveries Anonymous –

Utah Naloxone is committed to increasing access to naloxone to  PREVENT opioid overdose death in Utah. –