Our Team

The team at Envision truly loves and cares about those that enter our doors. Our clinical team wants to help them learn to do something different and get back the life they once envisioned. They are excited to help those suffering from addiction, learn new skills and tools, so they no longer drink or drug. We use a client centered approach so this truly does come down to the addict and what they put into their recovery program. We have seen fantastic results when someone is really ready to work their program at Envision Recovery Services.
Combined, the clinical team, has many years of education and work experience with addiction and mental health. We are a dual diagnosis facility so rest assured both areas will be diagnosed and treated. In a loving manner we help our clients get down to the root cause, condition, or trauma that has caused them to use alcohol, drugs, or both to help them cope. Keep in mind this will take hard work and time and just doesn’t happen overnight. We are all here with open arms to help you on your journey to recovery and we will be here to support you every step of the way.