About Us

Envision was founded  with a vision of hope, love and  helping families that have a loved one suffering with the disease of addiction and have no idea where to start or  turn for help.  Our founder knows first hand what a frustrating experience it can be  to search and try to find treatment for a loved one only to find  how high the costs can be. Fast forward several years, and a long journey, she now spends her time doing what she can to help others  find financial help or other  solutions  and  options so that others  can find  exceptional care at an affordable price for their own loved ones.  This program has been designed to help you live a life free from addiction.  We see great results when you are  truly ready and  willing to put in the work and give it your 110%.  Upon completion of your program and graduation at  Envision Recovery Services,  you are provided a  lifetime certificate, as long as you continue participating in your aftercare maintenance which staff has recommended for you to maintain a life free from addiction.