Our clinically designed addiction treatment programs provide a variety of choices to best help our clients. There is no pre-set number of days for treatment as we use a client centered approach. However, each treatment program attended has its recommended length of stay. Our programs have been designed to address the individual needs of each client that enters our doors. One of our main goals ,with all our treatment programs, is to show and help you feel that you are loved and worthy of love. There is hope to have a life free from addiction and doing something different. Our staff will help you learn the tools and skills needed to stay clean and sober and free from relapse as long as you come committed and willing to give the program your 110% and then continue with the recommended maintenance program once you complete and graduate from your program.

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Envision was founded with a vision of hope, love and helping families that have a loved one suffering with the disease of addiction and have no idea where to start or turn for help. Our founder knows first hand what a frustrating experience it can be to search and try to find treatment for a loved one only to find how high the costs can be. Fast forward several years, and a long journey, she now spends her time doing what she can to help others find financial help or other solutions and options so that others can find exceptional care at an affordable price for their own loved ones. This program has been designed to help you live a life free from addiction so as long as you give it your 110%, complete and graduation your treatment program at Envision Recovery Services, a lifetime certificate is provided as long as you are continuing to do the aftercare maintenance that has been recommended to each client before their graduation.


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When my road to recovery began I remember feeling physically mentally and spiritually broken. I wanted a new way of life and knew that I needed to somehow change the way I reacted to all situations in my life. I was broke with no where to live. Fresh out of jail with a court sentencing coming in the near future once again. My family has always supported me and wanted the best for me but didn't have a clue how to help me. We all knew that I was going to be court ordered to do treatment but were afraid that no matter where I decided to go, the same vicious cycle of self destruction would continue no matter where I went. There was little hope and more fear than ever. Ever since the loss of my left hand I acted and felt completely hopeless. Drugs were my only solution and I was much to terminally unique for Recovery. No one could help me. Or so I thought. Well long story short I called a few treatment centers and Envision Recovery welcomed me with open arms. They gave me a place to stay with other recovering addicts working on the same goal I was. I remember hearing things like "we will love you until you learn to love yourself." I didn't get it at first and it was hard to accept the love they were giving me at first but now I look back and see that I didn't love myself and had pushed everyone that ever did care about me away in my active addiction. I needed another chance at life and Envision gave it to me. I have learned new life skills, developed a new fellowship of brothers and sisters I met at Envision that I consider family today and have learned to live life on life's terms without any substances. My goal of wanting to change the way I reacted to life has been met and so much more. I was successfully terminated from AP&P in 14 months and received a 402 reduction for completing my requirements. My mother says she can now sleep at night without worrying about getting a call that I'm in jail or dead. I'm employable reliable and do not have to continue looking over my shoulder, hide, or cover up another lie. I can proudly say I have 25 months clean from all substances and look forward on continuing my journey of a clean and sober life. Today I am a happy more healthy productive member of society and I could not have done it without the help of my family at a Envision Recovery. If you or a loved one needs help or a second chance at life like I did. I highly recommend giving Envision a call.

Tyrel P., Envision Recovery Alumni 03/2017

In November 3/2014 I found myself in jail, broken, beaten and ready to give up on life. By the grace of God an Angel was sent to me from a treatment center known as envision. I was a junkie that didn't want anything more than to get out of jail. That's how it started. I was sponsored to go to an inpatient Treatment center. Where I learned that my behaviors where my problems not the drugs. Then I went on to an out patient center where I learned how to become civilized. Today I am a proud business owner and very active member of the lifetime guarantee that comes with the graduation certificate. Thanks for showing me how to live a life worth living.

Justin B., Envision Recovery Alumni 11/2014


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